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Flowframes is a simple but powerful app that utilizes AI frameworks to interpolate videos in order to increase their framerate with little to no noticable quality loss.

The latest versions are exclusive to Patreon for a while - The itch.io version is not the latest! The free version is currently 1.23.4.

YouTube Creators:

A copyright troll is claiming videos featuring Flowframes under the Email "flowframesinterpolation@gmail.com". This is a 100% FAKE ACCOUNT, please report them!


  • Based on the brand new RIFE neural network for frame interpolation
  • Also supports AMD GPUs via NCNN/Vulkan
  • Includes everything that's needed, no need to install additional software
  • Compatible with MP4, GIF, WEBM, MKV, MOV and more
  • Output as video (MP4/MKV/WEBM/MOV), GIF, or PNG frames
  • Option to preserve all audio tracks (losslessly) and subtitles from the input video
  • Built-in Frame De-Duplication and speed compensation (for 2D animation, etc)
  • Scene Detection to avoid interpolating scene cuts
  • ...and more!

If you need any help or have questions, join the Discord:

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Vulkan-capable Graphics Card (anything younger than 6 years should work)
  • Windows 10 (Win 7 might work but is NOT officially supported in any way)


DAIN-NCNN: https://github.com/nihui/dain-ncnn-vulkan
RIFE: https://github.com/hzwer/Arxiv2020-RIFE
RIFE-NCNN: https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulkan
FLAVR: https://github.com/tarun005/FLAVR
Car Demo Video: The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)
Gawr Gura Dance Demo GIF: https://reigentei.booth.pm/items/2425521

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsai, artificial-intelligence, video


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Flowframes 1.26.1 Web Installer 2 MB
Flowframes 1.24.6 Web Installer (OLD VERSION) 2 MB


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Hi folks. I am mac user. which trick can I do to make it work on my mac os catalina. any tips? I tried with crossover but no luck

There's only one way (which I use on my iMac). Install Windows 10 through Bootcamp. 

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thanks. i didn t want to install windows on my mac and use a lot of Go just for one software :( Too bad that wine is not working on catalina.....would be perfect just use the software without installing windows.

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WINE works on Catalina. That said, you wouldn't want to run this on that. And this is just a GUI for a bunch of open source software linked at the end of the description above. You can run most of that software on macOS just fine, you just won't have this specific GUI frontend for it. e.g. https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulkan/releases

This GUI is still awesome and helps a lot of people, but it is not necessary for running the software it's using under the hood.

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thanks for your answer. So the only option is installing windows on my mac to use frameflow right?....It would never work with wine/or winebottler type of software....?!!! what is e.g. https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulkan/releases ?

I downloaded it for mac os. ( RIFE for macos) it seems alike to flowframes. but how to use it ? I found tutorial for windows but no for mac. and I am not a programmer :) any tips how to use it?

Not only does it accurately Interpolate a 10 fps file to 80fps, but it has the added bonus of deleting duplicate frames from the video for a much smoother transition for interpolating the video!

I also used SVP pro, so Flowframes and VEAI have rendered that program obsolete as there are no wavy artifacts!

wait i have a question, so do you just need python or both python and pytorch? just asking cuz i get an error lol

This is INSANE. Thank you so much for providing this to the world, guys. Just tried it on a video that was really choppy and running in 12fps. The results were mindblowing. The 24fps version looks crisp and clear and feels super smooth. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will definitely recommend this to everyone who will ever need video interpolation! I don't have much, but definitely a donation is coming right up to you.

Guys, I have a question, why is my FlowFrames downloading so slow? It took 8 hours and it's not finished yet.

Um- I managed to get through the download and installation process, but when I try to open the app it gives me this error-

why wrong input framerate? NokiaN8 basic video.. 120 why? real is 29.643.


Hi! I'm experiencing an error where it just cancels the interpolation. Does anyone know how to solve this? I have tried it with mp4 and mkv files but it still doesn't work. Thank you.


Hello! I am currently getting an error that cancels the interpolation. Does anybody know how to solve it? The picture of the error is located below. Thank you!

Hey I have installed everything as you said but when i try to interpolate the video it shows me that python runtime not found,but i have installed pythons latest version,still its not working please help asap


Hi, I have flowframes on my windows 10, I currently only run it with DirectX11 graphics and it used to work just fine on this pc before but when I try to interpolate a video, it goes through extraction and everything but when it starts Running any of the Interpolation AI it skips both the AI and the interpolate so I get this 

“Running Rife (NCNN)…

Interpolated 0/703 Frames (0%) - Average Speed: 0.00 FPS Out - Time: 131ms - ETA 08s 

Done running RIFE - Interpolation took 133ms. Peak Output FPS: 0.00 - Waiting for encoding to finish…

Canceled interpolation.”

I never cancel it and when it finishes giving me this list it also gives me a message saying


Interpolation failed - No interpolated frames were created.” 

I don’t know what’s causing this 



when he continues to work for video he gives me a black screen even when the video ends he gives me a black screen even a little figure .. I do not know why he does not working , Dain ncnn Vulkan I want help pls !!

we need u on the dain app community becuase we use rife app with it and flowframes pls

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Hello, when I try to install flowframes it gives me the error that I do not have enough space for the temporary files.

But i have more 34.5 GB on c disk and 817 GB on d disk.

I am getting the error that I have not enough available vram to interpolate 8K PNG frames on my RTX 2060. I used to be able to do 8K interpolation on my previous laptop where it automatically switched to my CPU because my GPU was too old. Perhaps add an option to brute force RIFE interpolation on CPU.

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Heyo, I paid ya some cash for the itch.io version, I had been thinking it would be possible to get some of the important usability fixes in the new versions. Can I expect an itch.io update in the near future or is it a much slower release pace? Sorry, I just don't do Patreon.

its not a virus

can we download a rar  pls so i can use it with out installing it because it saids defender smartscreen

When I try to interpolate something, it says: "Failed to remove an existing temp folder of this video! Make sure you didn't open any frames in an editor."

fixed it

is flowflames a virus because it said on it

It's not. Feel free to check the source code.


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but it saids on my pc 

Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.
Application: Publisher: 

FlowframesInstaller1.24.6 (2).exe
Unknown publisher 

can you send me a rar not installer

When you get a message like that, you have to click "More Info" and then click "Run Anyway."

That's not a virus, it's Smartscreen preventing you to install something that is not digitally signed... you can click on "more..." or something like that and then continue...

hello, whenever i try installing Flowframes, when the installation starts, it says couldn't create SSL/TSL secure channel, then it retries again till i run out of retries, how to fix this problem?, im using windows 7

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You most probably need to import root CA certificates into your Window's certificate store for the websites that Flowframes installer is using to download the files from, since the included root-CA Certs in Win7 did expire.

The newest installer here (1.24.6) connects to The reverse lookup shows dl.nmkd-hz.de, nmkd-hz.de behind (XAMPP? ^_^' ) signed with lets encrypt cert. (DST Root CA X3->R3(Let's Encrypt)->nmkd-hz.de). Use Firefox, go to https://nmkd-hz.de, export the first 2 certs and then import those into Windows Cert-Store and you should be good.

I... kinda don't know what to do.

can you please tell me what to do step by step

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First check if the problem is indeed expired or missing cert:
Open Windows Cert Manager:
Win+R ->certmgr.msc -> enter
Check under "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" if you can find valid cert for "DST Root CA X3".
If it's missing or expired, get the certificate from nmkd's website.

You can use Firefox to export the needed Certificates.
Just go to https://nmkd-hz.de (https is important), then open site info with:
Then click "Security" -> "show Certificate".
There you'll see 3 Tabs:
nmkd-hz.de <--- R3  <--- DST Root CA X3

Click on "DST Root CA X3" tab. There you'll have the two options to export/save the certificate as a PEM file. You need the one without the chain. Save it to "whatever.CRT" on desktop, then  doubleclick on it and choose "install certificate" it to import it into your windows cert-store as trusted CA.

When you run Certificate manager next time:
Win+R ->certmgr.msc -> enter
The cert "DST Root CA X3" should be now under Trusted CAs

Save the "R3" cert as .CRT file as well (its the Intermediate CA, LetsEncrypt), but you prolly wont need it.

Be wary, Don't casually install CA certificates on you system unless you know that those can be trusted. It's always better to download those from official website of the issuer.
It case of "DST Root CA X3" cert its:
(its the same cert as you have exported from nmkd's website. Instead of exporting it from the nmkd's website you can also copy the text from the webpage above into a .crt file and install it that way. I just wanted to show you the way how to do it from the browser, since we had to check what certs nmkd's website is using)

Try the flowframes installer (use the newest one) and see if it still has SSL errors while trying to download files from nmkd's website.
If its still has errors try installing R3 cert as well and try again.
Let me know if it worked :)

what if DST Root CA X3 was already in the trusted root certification authorities. 

The comment was written 3 days ago when I still used an older host and SSL configuration, the latest download should work fine.

Hey, whenever I launch Flowframes, no matter what, I always get that a Nvidia gpu was not detected (which is true, I have a RX 570 and 3700X), any idea how to get it working? I'm running version 1.24.6, Windows 10

That's an AMD GPU, so you'll have to select the NCNN/Vulkan setting I believe.

Some times scene detection select two or more continuous frame as scene change, is that an error or it's normal?

I have a Ryzen 3 2200G and an RX 580 and I’m trying to interpolate a 4K 24 FPS video into 4x but it has been saying “Waiting for encoding to finish for the last 12 hours” When can I expect to finish?

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I have been using this app for several weeks now. There are 2 things I have noticed.

1. For interpolating image sequences it would be good if the last 2 source frames got double the interpolation value. This, because the last frame doen't have a follow up frame.

If I put in a 30fps image sequence as a source consisting of 300 frames and interpolate it to 60fps I will end up with 599 frames. If 2 of the source images were to be interpolated to 90fps (3x) I would end up with a perfect 600 inages.

2. I have been using my CPU to interpolate 4K PNG image sequences with both RIFE 2.2 and 2.3, and in some cases the final 3 exported images have had black bars at the bottom.

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Hello, there is a bug with 1.24.6 when interpolating with single images (not video).

When using single images (PNG) you cannot enter anything at all in the FPS fields - not in the input or the output. You cannot type or copy/paste any value.

Since flowframes will not perform interpolation unless an FPS is entered in one/both of these fields, no interpolation can be performed at all when the source used is image files.

The last version that I know worked in this regard was 1.20.4

This issue was also reported by Aboykiy 12 days ago, just with less detail.

Hopefully an easy fix, definitely an essential one.

Also with the same settings, you cannot "select folder" for the input images using the file browser. You can at least copy/paste the input path in the field, but this probably also needs fixing. Selecting the output folder seems to work fine.

My best regards for your otherwise excellent work!

It says WARNIG: CUDA-capable GPU device is not available. How i can fix it? To interplorate it needs hours. HELP

I would like to report a bug in 1.24.6

I have a 29.96 fps video that identifies as such in every program. Flowframes detects that without a problem. Now, 2x and 8x interpolation work fine but 4x interpolation gives an error.

Two questions

How well would this work for something like some personal 2D animation would you say?


If someone were to use this for their own projects is there a means you'd like to be credited, or is that not a concern for you?

hello man I looked at the code of (Flowframes.exe)

and looked for the FFMPEG line. the code of "mpdecimate" has no limit for removing duplicate frames.mpdecimate = hi = 64 * 32: lo = 64 * 32: frac = 0.1

would have to add a limit for removing duplicate frames.

in the case for "animes"

example code for anime: "mpdecimate = hi = 64 * 32: lo = 64 * 32: frac = 0.1: max = 8" or max = 6. or give the option to edit the "mpdecimate" line.

I interpolated an anime scene and saw that it was necessary to limit the number of duplicate frames removed.

I feared modifying the code with the "010 editor" and modifying the code to: mpdecimate = hi = 64 * 12: lo = 320 * 1.00: max = 8

in case the "010 editor" does not let you add characters then I had to add a code with the same number of characters, otherwise the file would corrupt.

video with the original Flowframes.exe

video with the modified Flowframes.exe: mpdecimate=hi=64*12:lo=320*1.00:max=8

I used a program created by min based on (avisynth) to remove duplicate frames without interpolating exclusively for anime and drawings. note this effect in order to use an interpolation program after removing duplicates for that the Flowframes in the mpdecimate code must have a limit on the maximum number of duplicate removal for this it would have to have the option to modify the mpdecimate code line or fix this code for exclusively for anime


example had the option in (Frame De-Duplication Mode)

Anime De-Duplication with this code

note the program to remove duplicate frames without interpolating

it is still in development but as it is based on avisynth Flowframes has native support since it uses ffmpeg natively supports .avs (avisynth) files.


I have windows 7 and a Quadro k3000m which is from 2012. can you make it so that I can use it? this is the only free one that people say is good because dain cost money and rife cost money too. I wish to have this. BUT, I might be getting an upgrade when we move in. I don't know but this is just a suggestion 

thats not how hardware works

ok fine then i have to wait now

...This is rife and dain is free these softwares are both free

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Just tried it and it's pretty amazing, Thank you N00MKRAD! :D

Do you plan on adding duplicate frame "replacement" feature? I mean currently, if you select duplicate removal, the dup frames will be just cut out. But it would be great, if Flowframes/RIFE could also replace the dups with generated frames.

I have a few bad vid sources where there are often 6-8 sequential dup frames in a row (like when a live video stream hangs for a second, but audio continues). It would be great if Flowframes could "fix" those frames by generating new ones. (I read somewhere that DAIN could do something like that, but didnt tried it yet, since RIFE supposed to be much faster)

Also, is there a way to force Flowframes to generate extra frames? Im thinking about creating seamless gif loops (cinemagraphs) with it. For that Flowframes needs to generate n frames between the last and first frame to seamlessly close the animation/gap.


Generating extra frames for duplicates is planned.

Seamless loops are an option in Flowframes.

That's great to hear and thanks about the info on loops. I somehow missed the checkbox for it.

Cant wait for the duplicate replacement feature :)

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holy cow this is a miracle for taking jittery recorded VR footage and trying to show something closer to the in-headset experience. thank you!

I'm using this to enhance some stop motion shots on a short film I'm working on, love the ease of use, works really quickly and makes DAIN simpler(thank goodness). I promise to donate something when I get my next paycheck :)

Here's the film's twitter if you're interested: https://twitter.com/LUCKYBOYFILM

I've used Flowframes in 3 shots so far!

Why not use RIFE? It's much faster and usually looks better.

my mistake, I am using the RIFE model currently! I just mean to say the UX is nicer than using barebones DAIN from source :)

wait now i interpolated 1 of my videos, but i cant find which folder it went to or did it even interpolate

Same folder as input.

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