SD GUI 1.7.2


  • Improved prompt syntax converter (converts A1111 or pre-1.7 weighting to new syntax)
  • VAE Model selection now also lists .pt files (same format as ckpt, just different extension)
  • Fixed init images being in random order after importing
  • Fixed idle CPU usage
  • Fixed an issue with having the same model filename in multiple model folders
  • Fixed issue where k_diffusion module was not imported properly
  • If a config YAML exists next to a model file it will be used instead of the default (e.g. model.ckpt.yaml)

Please do a clean re-install (don't overwrite an existing installation) for this update.

If you already use 1.7.x, you can download the NoMdl archive and copy Data/models from your existing installation.


Stable Diffusion GUI 1.7.2 (Including model files) 3 GB
Nov 29, 2022
Stable Diffusion GUI 1.7.2 (No model files included, provide your own!) 1 GB
Nov 29, 2022

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