SD GUI 1.8.1


  • New: RunwayML inpainting now also works with ONNX implementation
  • New: Version now checks for the latest version on startup (no updater yet)
  • Improved: High-Res Fix can now be enabled if any axis is >512px instead of both
  • Improved: High-Res Fix option is saved/loaded when closing and re-opening GUI
  • Improved: Inpainting Mask Blur is now automatically disabled when using RunwayML inpainting
  • Improved: In Installer, a custom git commit can now be used (for developers)
  • Fixed: Upscalers were disabled by default on <=6GB GPUs
  • Fixed: Model loading would fail without an internet connection
  • Fixed: ONNX seeding did not work
  • Fixed: CFG Scale <=1 didn't work or would fallback to default value
  • Fixed: Inpainting mask was saved with irreversible blur, making editing harder
  • Fixed: Init image import would ignore stretch/pad setting
  • Fixed: Saved inpainting mask wouldn't get cleared properly when resetting it
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs

Please do a clean re-install (don't overwrite an existing installation) for this update.

If you already use 1.7.x or 1.8.x, you can download the NoMdl archive and copy Data/models from your existing installation.


Stable Diffusion GUI 1.8.1 (Including model files) 3 GB
Dec 28, 2022
Stable Diffusion GUI 1.8.1 (No models included, provide your own!) 1 GB
Dec 28, 2022

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