SD GUI 1.11.0 - LoRA support, LoRA training, and much more

Changelog (from 1.10):

  • New: LoRA and LyCORIS support
  • New: LoRA training GUI (replaces Dreambooth, works with 8 GB GPUs)
  • New: Option to auto-delete generated images afterwards (if they weren't copied to favs)
  • Improved: Updater is much more stable now, and only re-installs updated/new packages
  • Improved: External VAEs now also work with Diffusers models
  • Improved: Image progress bar now takes high-res fix into account instead of running twice
  • Improved: Max seed increased from 4294967295 to 9223372036854775807 (int64 max)
  • Improved: VAE folders are now separate from model folders (again)
  • Improved: Embeddings folder path can now be changed
  • Improved: Progress bar and ETA now accounts for queued tasks instead of running per-task
  • Improved: Image Viewer buttons (e.g. prev/next) are now disabled when there are no images to show
  • Improved: Various UI/UX improvements
  • Fixed issues caused by moving the installation folder, this should now work without problems
  • Fixed: Applying CLIP Skip to a model would make it impossible to disable it again
  • Fixed: Inpainting model name check is no longer case-sensitive and no longer requires a hyphen
  • Fixed: "Append To Prompt" button for embeddings will no longer add a comma if there already is one


  • Documentation is still being updated, parts might be outdated at the time of writing this.

I recommend to do a clean re-install (don't overwrite an existing installation) for this update.

In the future, you can use the built-in updater instead.


SD GUI 1.11.0 (Including SD 1.5 model) 3 GB
75 days ago
SD GUI 1.11.0 (No model files included, provide your own!) 1 GB
75 days ago

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