SD GUI 1.9.0 - Now with InstructPix2Pix!

About InstructPix2Pix:


  • New: Added InstructPix2Pix (Use with Settings -> Implementation -> InstructPix2Pix)
  • New: Added the option to show the input image next to the output for comparisons
  • New: Added option to choose output filename timestamp (None, Date, Date+Time, Epoch)
  • Improved: minor UI fixes, e.g. no more scrollbar in main view if there is enough space
  • Fixed: Minor PNG metadata parsing issues
  • Fixed: Various of other minor fixes


  • InstructPix2Pix will download its model files (2.6 GB) on the first run
  • InstructPix2Pix works with any resolution, not only those divisible by 64
  • SD 2.x models are not yet supported, scheduled for next major update

Please do a clean re-install (don't overwrite an existing installation) for this update.

Don't worry, in the future there will be an updater to make this easier.


Stable Diffusion GUI 1.9.0 (Including SD 1.5 model) 3 GB
Jan 24, 2023
Stable Diffusion GUI 1.9.0 (No models included, provide your own!) 1 GB
Jan 24, 2023

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